Hot Water Modul / Hot Water Heating Modul 

Die EWI-THERM Hot-Air heating systems and Hot-Air Stoves can additionally or subsequently be equipped with a hot-water module.

EWI Therm Hot Water Modul,  Hot Water Heating Modul Due to this module, it is possible to provide Hot-Air for heating the workshop area and hot water for heating offices, social rooms etc. at the same time. It can be employed to feed any type of radiator, air heater, floor heating system and industrial water tank. Even the oil or gas heating system of a residential or office building in the vicinity of the hot-water module can be supported by integrating the module in order to save oil or gas costs.

Since the module operates in a Hot-Air range of max. 80°C, no complex circuits are required for buffer tank and thermal discharge safety valve. The module can be designed for a maximum of one third of the total heating output from the EWI-Therm hot-air stoves.

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