Slow combustion stove  

... type GRA A/0 dedicated to heat rooms with more than 250 m³

EWI-THERM slow combustion stove type GRA-A/0 EWI-THERM slow combustion stove type GRA-A/0 with circular heating element With the aid of its optimized body and the large cast-iron cover plate, the EWI-THERM slow combustion stove GRA-A/0 is capable of effectively dissipating its radiation heat to the room.

In addition, the extremely long combustion period combined with the heat-storing, durable refractory lining ensures long-lasting heat dissipation.

The EWI Therm slow combustion stoves, tested in compliance with DIN 18890 is highly suitable for burning natural wood, wood with bark and briquettes. Particularly the high efficiency and the longterm value stability are features of this quality product which makes it a reasonable alternative to oil, gas and electricity.

Slow combustion stove type GRA-A/0, technical data:
Sectional drawing of EWI-Therm Slow combustion stove type GRA-A/0

Slow combustion stove type GRA-A/0
  Heating performance
(*with circular heating element)
13 kW
(14,9 kW)
For rooms up to 250 m³ (as per DIN 4108)
Height 104 cm
Diameter 60 cm
Rauchrohr Ø 150 mm
Height up to lower flue pipe edge 77 cm
Filling section volume 100 ltr
Chimney Ø 150 mm / 180 mm
(as per DIN 13348-1)
Øof filling volume 215 mm
Chimney height ca. 6 m
Weight 170 kg
Exhaust gas flow rate 17 g/s
Minimum conveying pressure 1,5 mbar
Exhaust gas temperature 240 °C
Flue pipe outlet left (Standard), optionally on the right
 All contents and specifications are subject of change without notice.   *Connection to a stainless steel chimney only in connection with a circular heating element.

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