Chip charges and /Silo discharges 

EWI Therm Chip charge and Silo discharge The EWI-Therm Chip charges and Silo discharges are solutions to automatically charge your heating facilities.

Due to their design the discharges can easily be integrated in new silos as well as into already existing facilities. They are suitable for sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, chip briquettes and other crushed wood waste.

In addition, the fully automatic, continuous charging minimizes immissions and avoids the irregular manual charging, thus saving costs.
As an alternative, day silos can be employed.

They permit a fully automatic charging over various days. Manual charging with wood piece residues is possible at any time with connected silo discharge system.


For the first non-binding dimensioning of the EWI-THERM day silo discharges or chip charges required by you, please enter the firing material used and the required heat output.

Please select the firing material employed::    Wood chips      Wood shavings / saw dust

Please select the required heat output/performance (kW):

 up to 25 kW         up to 34 kW         up to 45 kW        up to 58 kW        up to 87 kW         up to 116 kW

 up to 145 kW       more than 145 kW

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