Our Team:

EWI-Therm Buildings, aerial photo 25 employees are aczive in the production and sale of our products. Teamwork instead of rigid hierarchies represents the basis for excellent products and a high customer satisfaction. Individual offers customized to their special applications as well as meetings to discuss their specific requirements give them confidence to make the right decisions. A good consulting and the knowledge that even after years we will still be available create the necessary mutual trust between manufacturer and customer.

Our products:

Hot-air heating systems, Space heaters and slow combustion stoves from EWI-Therm solve your waste disposal problems and, at the same time, heat your company building free of charge. An investment which will pay for itself within no time and then will yield profit for you, because out of 2.5 kg of waste wood you can generate as much power as out of 1 l fuel oil. EWI-Therm´s hot-air heating systems is an interesting and, first and foremost, a cost-effective alternative to a hot-water central heating. Factory buildings, joiner's workshops, carpenter's workshops etc. can be heated easily and quickly with cheap hot air. You can have the pleasant warmth within 5-10 minutes after heating-up.

EWI-Therm Hot Air Stove, Hot Ait Heating Type Optimal and Typ Prestige Hot-air heating systems, space heaters and slow combustions stoves are just simply ideal for extensive halls. Unlike water the medium air takes up the heat immediately and you don't have to worry permanently (day and night) about a fuel supply.

In addition you save the cost for expensive chop machines, since the manual charging can be carried out alternatively with wood pieces, pressed wood, wood chips or wood shred. A comfortable switchbox technology ensures an overheating protection and switches the stove off automatically when the fire extinguishes.

The hot-air stoves are also available with automatic charging. A manual charging with remainders of wood waste is still possible in this version. A special highlight offered by EWI-Therm is a hot-water module for the series Prestige-SE and Optimal-E. With this straightforward yet highly effective technology, approximately one third of the heat is assigned to the medium water and the operator can for example heat his office or the social rooms with hot-water radiators, while the lion's share is available as hot air for the hall or workshop. An upgrade of already existing hot-air heating systems is easily possibly.

EWI-Therm Space Heater  Type GRA N The outer appearance of the stoves produced with high workmanship confirms the robustness and durability of the employed solid components. The systems are of a maintenance-friendly design so that every component is easily accessible. And with all of these advantages, the customer can be sure, that these fully developed and advanced furnaces are able to reach emission values as good as gas oil furnaces.

Especially for the majority of joiner's workshops in residential districts and mixed residential and industrial areas the competence of an experienced manufacturer like EWI-Therm in cooperating together with the responsible environmental authorities is of great advantage.


Our history:

EWI-Therm-History, Foundry at the beginning of the nineteen-sixties EWI-Therm-History, Foundry at the middle of the nineteen-sixties
After 40 years the company is now managed in the 3rd generation by the Krämer family.

Already in 1961 the development of the first hot air stoves began, which laid the foundations for today's EWI-Therm quality thanks to the robust design. From the original basis as a foundry we specialized more and more in the production of slow combustion stoves and hot-air heating systems, i.e. products that contain many cast parts and were made in our own foundry.

On this basis, the decisionwas made to found the Ironworks Winnweiler, Ludwig Krämer KG in 1972.


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